Our Brews

Bathams produce three diferent cask ales. Two available all year round (Best Bitter and Mild) and a Christmas special (XXX) that’ll warm the cockles, and knock your socks off!

And for those who enjoy a tipple at home – or are travelling to places where Bathams isn’t available (heavens forbid!), best bitter is now available to enjoy all year round in bottles.  Ask at your local Batham’s Pub!

Bathams Best BitterBathams Best Bitter

OG 1044 ABV 4.3%

A straw-coloured bitter which initially seems sweet, but a complex dry, hoppy taste soon predominates.

Probably the best example of the traditional Black Country style of bitter. No better partner to a lunchtime snack!

Also ideal for cooking with beef – see our previous articles!

Bathams Mild AleBathams Mild Ale

OG 1037 ABV 3.5%

Sweet and well-balanced dark brown ale with a hoppy, fruity finish

Full of flavour without the heaviness sometimes associated with mild ales. A Black Country classic!

A more substantial “liquid lunch” – and another great partner in the kitchen producing fantastic beef stews.

Bathams XXX (Winter Brew)Bathams XXX

OG 1064 ABV 6.3%

A Christmas ale, mid brown in colour and strong, with a malty, fruity taste.

Hop flavour is present but malt predominates through to the aftertaste. Hold onto your hats, folks!